Public Report Amended 06-19-18
KCC II Developer Annual Report 2022
Receipt for Public Report & Notice of Right to Cancel
Declaration Doc 2001-095548
Declaration 1st Amendment Doc 2001-140242
Declaration 2nd Amendment Doc 2007-115382
Declaration 3rd Amendment Doc 2008-106898
Declaration Amended and Restated 02-06-18
Declaration_1st Amendment to A&R Declaration & 2nd Amendment to Condo Map10-28-2020
Bylaws Doc 2001-095549
Bylaws_Amendment_Doc 2001-140243
Bylaws Amended and Restated 02-06-18
Condominium Map 06-05-01
Condominium Map_Amendment 02-06-18_Doc A-66111035.pdf
Maintenance Fees 2017 Reserve Study
Maintenance Fees 2022
Escrow Agreement
Management Agreement
Parking - Off Site - Unilateral Agreement
Parking - Off Site - Unilateral Agreement - 1st Amendment
Sales Contract Commercial Unit
Specimen Deed Form

Association Minutes and Reports

Monthly Management Report - KCC AOUO - July 2022
KCC II AOUO Annual Meeting 2018 & 03-12-19 Agenda
KCC II AOUO Annual Meeting 03-12-19
KCC II BOD Mtg Minutes 3.12.19 Approved.pdf
KCC II BOD Mtg Minutes 11.07.19 - Approved
KCC II AOUO Annual Mtg Minutes 3.17.20 - Approved
KCC II BOD Mtg Minutes 3.17.20 Approved
KCC II BOD Mtg Minutes 10.19.21 - Approved
DRAFT KCC II Annual & Board Meeting Minutes 2021

Association Documents

Application for Registration of Trade Name 1-16-2008
Articles of Incorporation 10-8-2008
Articles of Incorporation Correction 5-30-2012

Kihei Commercial Roadways Association

Kihei Commercial Roadways Declaration Doc 2003-099707
Kihei Commercial Roadways Association_Amended & Restated Declaration of CC&Rs
Kihei Commercial Roadways Amendment to A&R Declaration Doc 2010-139044
Kihei Commercial Roadways - 2022 Budget
Kihei Commercial Roadways Reserve Analysis 09-04-2019
3-16-2022-Annual Meeting Minutes (DRAFT)
3-16-2022-BOD Mtg Minutes-DRAFT

Building Plans

Comprehensive Signage Plan
Building B-1 Floor Plan
Building B-2 Floor Plan
Building B-3 Ground Floor Plan
Building B-3 Second Floor Plan
Storefront Detail

Unit Floor Plans